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Sample Letters Articles

Bush's New Judge Faces Opposition

The US President nominates a "smart young lawyer" to move the highest court in the land to the right

Bush Stunt Backfires On Britain's Left

Foreign do-gooders have no right to meddle in the US presidential election.

Teachers Take Aim At Tests

Students are caught in the middle of a row over standardised tests. By Alice Russell.

Trials And Errors

Every month, hundreds of letters arrive at the offices of Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, their return addresses prisons all over the USA. The letters are the last hope of desperate men doing time for crimes they did not commit. Samantha Weinberg investigates the story of the Innocence Project.

Hats Off And On When It Comes Country Restaurants

Peter Maresch (Letters, May 9), I suggest you return to the Central West to rediscover the truly wonderful food, wine and coffee we offer here. Our city of Orange has two highly acclaimed ``One Hat" restaurants. Selkirk's and Lolli Redini have both been featured in the Herald, Gourmet Traveller